Benefits of the Pandemic

There is a lot of focus on what we have lost due to this pandemic, but let’s try to be our own teachers for a moment and look at what we have gained from this catastrophe.

  • We have learned to be resilient. We have come to know what works and what should be avoided if this happens in future.We have come to know that we are vulnerable in the face of nature, but we have also realized that we humans always bounce back.
  • We have learned new modes of doing things. I knew that language can be taught online, but I never thought Art could be taught this way until I had to make it possible, and I found new ways of doing it.
  • Proximity to our loved ones in lock-down may have caused disagreements but we have realized how important they are, and their absence would create a vacuum in our lives.
  • We are cooking at home a lot more, trying new recipes.
  • This pandemic has also ingrained in our minds that no matter how much we love the old ways of segregation and division, this globe is one and whatever happens in one place effects the whole world. We are all members of the same human community.
  • And the creativity: In just a few days there are so many Youtube videos on creating masks, so many new sites on online education and new methods on old ones, so much Zooming, Skyping and webinaring to communicate and learn, so many calls to old friends and so many regular calls to parents who have always complained that we don’t communicate enough.

Isn’t all this worth something?

Photo by Anaïs kowalczyk



Author: Imran Omer

I am an author and educator, who loves fiction and art. My blog will be on topics related to Literature, Art and Education.

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