The Broken Promise


The 20th century had it all—oppression, war, liberation, independence— all that made it a time to live with vigor and valor.

The Broken Promise renders an awakening in the first half of the twentieth century, an awakening that in many ways is still encompassing our lives. The change in the East was in political thought and receptivity to new ideas, whereas the West was at the threshold of new avenues of freedom. The dawn of the new era reinvents the characters of The Broken Promise, destroying the old way-of-life. It is the story of characters that appear from different socioeconomic and cultural backdrops in Britain, the United States, and colonial India. Entangled in the dilemmas of life, they portray a view of that age through their yearnings and endeavors, love and loss, and shortcomings and resilience, depicting the political upheaval and social change of the time.

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