Winners of Links Poster Competition -Social Justice

Category III (Grade 7-9)

Autumn D.

Balance for us. By us

First Prize

Honesty L.

Dignity? Justice? Where?

Second Prize

Marlen G.

The Ideal Balance

Third Prize

Category IV (Grades 10-12)

Aubrey B.

Not Just Us!

First Prize

Erin E.

Our Tragedy

Second Prize

Yaritza S.

My Dream

Third Prize

Runners Up

Kailen K.

Climate Injustice

Tamara H.

Vote Matters

Breyenna M.

This is Our World

Ashley B.

Rainbow of Justice

Juana S.

The Battle Towards Social Justice

Jaylin R.


Bryant K.

Fractured – Justice for Women

Christopher L.

Accusing Silence

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